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  • Lenses

    All weather
  • Anti-fog

    Double lens
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The G-TMAX 400 All weathers Black is a ski goggle for a sunny and cloudy weather. It has a high-performance anti-fog treatment. The goggles can also be worn with glasses.

G-T Max

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The benefits :

  • Field of vision :
    Wide horizontal field of vision
  • UV Protection :
    All our goggles are certified 100% ANTI UV with the EN 174 standard.
  • Confort :
    Equipped with an ergonomic foam padding and comfortable fabric, these goggles are extremely comfortable
  • Adjustment :
    2 buckles for quick adjustment of the elastic's length
  • Compatibility :
    The goggles can also be worn with glasses
  • Lenses

    All weather
  • Anti-fog

    Double lens
  • Design


G-T Max
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the benefits and features
  • Cylindrical shape

    The cylindrical shape has a more rounded look. Greater emphasis is given to the vertical rather than the horizontal peripheral vision with an increased angle.

  • All weathers

    All the goggles provide 100% UV protection. An S3 lens is darker and has a mirror effect that provides better protection for the eyes when the light is particularly bright. We recommend this screen for all weathers

  • Anti-fog : Double lens

    A design of goggles with a double lens to reduce any condensation. The air trapped between the 2 screens acts like a insulator thereby reducing the thermal shock so that condensation develops more slowly on the inner lens of the goggles. The inner screen also has an anti-fog treatment.


Check out the vision provided by various Wed'ze goggles in use on the slopes and compare them in order to choose the most suitable one for you.

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